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Korean Journal of Sexual Health. Vol. 1, No. 2, 2014

Foreign Middle-aged Women Providing Sexual Services to Korean Older Men
한국 남성 노인들을 상대로 성매매를 하는 외국인 중년 여성
Korean J Sex Health 2014;1(2):36-43.
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Essay on Prevention of Military Sexual Offenses according to Policy to Enforcing Female Soldiers
여군의 증가 정책에 따른 군대내 성범죄 예방을 위한 소고
Korean J Sex Health 2014;1(2):44-52.
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Case Report
Post-Traumatic High Flow Priapism Treated by Embolization: A Case Report
혈관색전술로 치료된 외상 후 발생한 고혈류성 음경발기지속증
Korean J Sex Health 2014;1(2):53-60.
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Development of Sexual Avoidance Scale Based on Body Image and Relationship Anxiety
신체상 및 관계불안에 따른 성 회피척도 개발
Korean J Sex Health 2014;1(2):61-77.
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